November 1-2, 2019

Glad Tidings Worship Center

1007 Pine St, Klamath Falls, OR 97601

“Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14


LOCATION: 3 North F St. Lakeview, Oregon @ The Gathering Place

Friday, October 5th

Please sign in at Registration

  • Doors Open 5:30 p.m.
  • Worship Service 6:30 p.m.

Saturday, October 6th

Please sign in at Registration

  • Registration opens 9:30 a.m.
  • Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
  • Lunch  (Choose from area restaurants or bring a bag lunch. The Gathering Place will remain open throughout the day.)
  • Workshops 2:00- 4:30 (Signup Near the Registration Table) See below for information about the workshops and workshop speakers information below.
  • Dinner Break (Jorge and Susana’s authentic Mexican dinners available at the Gathering Place for a small fee.)
  • Worship Service 6:30 p.m.

REGISTRATION: No fee to attend, but please sign in at the door. Love offerings are given to our guest speakers and they help cover expenses.

**For sharing this event on Facebook, choose from a variety of books and Cd’s from the gift basket at the registration table. One book or CD per person please.**


On site bookstore * Dinner served Saturday evening

May Jesus be glorified in the Church, which is His Body!

lewis2Anointed Worship with Lewis Crownover 

Lewis began leading worship at age fifteen. His ministry embraces multiple generations and cultures, as he seeks to raise up the next generation of worshipers and to release the sounds of Heaven on earth.

Lewis is the founder of Sound of the Harvest Music. He has ministered in significant sustained moves of God. He carries a powerful anointing that facilitates our entering into the Most Holy Place. He and his wife Rose live in Grants Pass, Oregon.

vernpam-2Pamela Koefoed with Advancing the Kingdom Ministry

By the power of the Holy Spirit, Pamela’s ministry has demonstrated a strong and accurate prophetic anointing. She ministers nationally and internationally where hundreds have experienced the healing power of God, deliverance from strongholds, and the life-infusing rhema word of the Lord. Pamela founded AKM (Advancing the Kingdom Ministry Inc.) and is the director of Ignite School of Ministry in Oregon. She and her husband Vern live in Southern Oregon.

Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you. Habakkuk 1:5


Workshops are available on Saturday at 2:00 and at 3:30.

Saturday at 2:00-3:15

LindaLinda Farrar:

Born and raised in Klamath Falls, Linda has been married for 49 years to her husband, Scott. They have four grown children, five grandchildren, one great granddaughter, plus five grafted in grandchildren. She has worked along-side Scott in four businesses that they have owned and sold.

Linda currently serves on the Aglow International Area Team. Her ministry and work experiences include: serving on worship teams, teaching Bible studies, as well as imparting Father God’s love into the little ones that she taught and cared for during the ten years that she worked in preschool and daycare. Over the years, Linda has counseled many teens, women and men of all ages toward Victorious Living.

Linda is a passionate teacher with a prophetic edge. She enjoys serving and powerfully encourages people of all ages to dream high and to step out with a voice of triumph, releasing the sound of Heaven.

WORKSHOP: If Your Heart isn’t Speaking it, Your Voice isn’t Saying it.

During this workshop, you’re going to learn truths that empower you and can revolutionize how you live your life. You won’t be disappointed when you find out how you matter and how you are known from Heaven’s point of view, how your testimonies activate others and stir their hearts toward Jesus.

In this workshop, get ready! Because you’re going to gain momentum and take ground, as you activate the sound of a Kingdom Voice.  You’ll be impacted as you discover that you have the heart of your voice and learn how important it is to be a voice and to rise up.

You are an important person in the Kingdom. Your voice matters and the sound of His words will fill your mouth to speak and activate you to “Roar!.”  A very interactive and empowering workshop.

Ria Ferrel

RiaFerrelHello, I’m Ria! I was born and raised in the Netherlands. God brought me to the U.S. to be saved and Spirit filled–a blessing that occurred in the first eight years of my marriage. I’ve been active in Aglow International since 1976 and serve on the area team in Oregon.

I’ve traveled the world for Jesus and have served Him in Africa, Central Asia, South America and Europe. In every place, I’ve shared His healing, His love, and His encouragement to many, many people through the prophetic gifts (1 Cor. 14), Words of Wisdom and Words of Knowledge.

Workshop: God’s Dream for You!

In this workshop, we are going to explore the wonderful dream that God has for your life and you will grab a hold of your identity of who God has created you to be in Jesus. God wants to enlarge your vision. He wants to bring your vision up to speed with the awesome, ongoing expansion of His glorious Kingdom on Earth.

In the God’s Dream for You workshop, I will lead you through a simple and powerful exercise to create your identity statement, a decree that you can declare over your life daily, and use as your weapon against the enemy.

Unlock your purpose and be aligned with who God says that you are. There will be no more defeat as you know your victory in JESUS!

Lindsay Morgan Snyder

LindsaySnyderLindsay Morgan Snyder is the author of the #1 New Release, Letting Love In, How God Renews Relationships by Crushing Your Inner Critic. A second-year student at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, she is wildly in love with Jesus.

Lindsay spent 8 years in Atlanta, GA working with top leaders in the church space for the Catalyst + Leadercast brands. Since 2014 she’s had the honor of writing for everyone from Hollywood to homeless shelters. Lindsay most recently hails from Los Angeles, CA but was born and raised in a darling little town in Ohio.

Workshop: Love that heals! 

From walking and talking with Jesus to intentional conversations with your Creator— this workshop will help you experience the healing of Heaven.

Lindsay will share how the love of the Father led her to love herself, healing her struggle with self hatred. Lindsay will also share key revelations from her book on the 10 lies that keep us from love.

Find the answers you’ve needed to be free of fear, worry, unworthiness, rejection or just the sheer ability to love yourself in this enjoyable and empowering workshop.




Healing Class Saturday 3:30-4:30 

Led and taught by Roy Warner, the healing class is for everyone! You can be whole and you can pray for the sick and be a first hand witness to God’s miraculous power as He heals those you pray for.

Join Roy, Julia and the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry team for this powerful one hour healing class.

RoyRoy Warner

Born and raised in Oregon, I responded to the call to receive Jesus at the age of 32 in Roseville, CA.  Glorious! Yet over the years, I had seen very few healings or miracles, though I prayed earnestly for them.  I became frustrated. Is this the abundant life?

In 2014, my wife, Julia, and I responded to a new call.   We sold the works and moved from Colfax, CA to Redding, CA, where we plunged headfirst into the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry for three reality changing years, where we were immersed in a culture of the miraculous.  Many thought we had truly gone over the deep end!

My heart’s desire is to share with the body of Christ the reality that the deep end is the abundant life!   Our Father IS good and has held nothing back – He still speaks! He still heals! He still delivers! He still performs miracles!  He loves each of us and has a plan for our lives!

Entering into our fifth year, serving and teaching in the Bethel healing rooms is a great privilege for my wife and me.  I love to see people get healed and set free. With her constant support, I also oversee the Healing Rooms city service as well as the Healing and Pastoral Care city service, empowering students to release the healing love of Jesus to souls in the house and out.

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers”– 3 John 1. 



“…for there is the sound of the roar of a heavy shower.”

Conference Information

Limited to 120 in the Upper Room

REGISTRATION: Please sign in at the registration table at the door.


LOCATION: The Gathering Place, 3 N F ST. Lakeview, Oregon 97630. Lakeview is located just over the California border, 3 1/2 hours north of Redding, Ca. Three hours east of Medford, Oregon. Three and a half hours south-east of Bend, Oregon.

MEALS On-Site: Complimentary coffee and tea will be available.

  • Picnic Lunch in the Gathering Place: You are invited to bring a sack lunch with you Saturday. Enjoy lunch with friends in The Gathering Place. Afternoon workshops will begin at 2:00.
  • Saturday Night Dinner: We are blessed by Jorge and Susana’s authentic Mexican dinners, available for a nominal fee on Saturday night. The evening service begins at 6:30 sharp.


1) Lakeview Lodge Motel: Newly renovated & under new ownership! This is an older motel with a facelift and new amenities. The latest reviews for it on Expedia include happy comments about how clean the rooms are. Book online or by phone. OR 541-9472181.  Prices include tax: Queen Room, $73.97; King Room,$85.35. Rooms have small refrigerators, microwaves and WIFI.

2) Best Western Hotel: Up to 4 in a room. Includes a hot breakfast, swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Mention Glorious Rising conference when making a reservation by phone with the Best Western. The manager, Sherry, offered us two rates: $113.95 for 1-2 in a room; $129.95 for 1-4 in a room. Does not include tax. 541-947-2194

WORKSHOPS AND PERSONAL MINISTRY: Workshops are back by popular demand. Sign up for workshops at the registration table. Workshops fill up fast, so sign up early.


  • “I got filled up.”
  • “It was my first time coming. I loved the workshops.”
  • “Awesome Worship!”
  • “My arthritis is gone.”
  • “The Lord healed my heart valve problem.”
  • “I’ve had planters fasciitis for the last few years. I was sitting in worship and I noticed my feet didn’t hurt. Jesus healed me…I’ve been wearing boots and it hasn’t come back.”
  • “Pam said that the Lord’s healing someone’s blood. I thought, ‘she means me.’ I got Hepatitis from Vietnam…I had a blood test that showed Jesus healed me. I don’t have Hepatitis anymore.”
  • “Confirmation of something I thought God wanted me to do.”
  • “I learned what my purpose is.”
  • “Fear and anxiety healed.”


Quite a few people come because they believe the Lord will meet them at Glorious Rising in a special way. They come to worship the Lord. They come for the teaching of the word, to be equipped through excellent teaching, encouraged through prophetic ministry, and inspired in faith through testimonies and by seeing the Lord work in the lives of the people in the room.

Some come because they need healing or they need the Lord to help them in some way. Others come because they aren’t in a church where the Spirit of God is moving and they know there’s more. There are many reasons for attending Glorious Rising.

Glorious Rising is for people who believe there’s more to being a Christian than attending weekly church services, paying tithes, and living out “The Golden Rule.” It’s for people like you who sincerely want to be with the Lord in a special way. It’s also for those who haven’t known that God heals, speaks to us through prophetic voices, equips us for works of ministry through anointed leaders.

We sincerely hope that you’re making plans to join us at this year’s Glorious Rising. It’s our 7th year and we feel that the Lord is going to move in an especially remarkable way.

Our gatherings have been amazing. We have truly been blessed by His visitation and Presence. It’s wonderful to worship the Lord in an environment where ministering to the Lord is the priority.

Every gathering has been unique and powerful. Based upon verified testimonies, we confidently announce that God has truly healed diseased and broken bodies, restored hearts, and saved lives.

We are confident in the Lord and in His desire to be among us, and we are certain that all who attend will be glad that they came.

6 thoughts on “GLORIOUS RISING

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I emailed the information to you last night. For anyone wanting a copy of the conference information, if it won’t print it will copy and paste into a Word document. Upon request, the schedule can be mailed. Be sure to include your mailing address. Printed information is also available at the registration table. Registration is free.

      Abundant Blessings


  1. Made my motel reservations at the Fremont Inn, made arrangements for the children, and need to pack. Then we’ll be on our way. We should be arriving by 3:30 or so. Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!! I love you.


  2. This was the most productive conference I have ever attended.
    The prophetic appointment gave me information I have been waiting 20 years for. No one has ever given me any confirmat8ion, or guidance. Team B on Saturday @ 2:10 to 2:20 was spot on and gave me such hope and confidence.. It was priceless and I appreciated it more than any of you will ever know.
    I was thinking about attending the services at The Gathering Place. I live in Chiloquin. It would be a 90 miles drive one way. Maybe some others from the area would want to go with me to share the costs.
    I know that all of the workshop speakers are not affiliated with Lakeview Ministries and the Gathering Place. I see Donna Newcombe is affiliated. Is Gary McCreith still affiliated? I believe he was the speaker on Saturday evening. I’d like to get a copy of that service. I couldn’t hear most of it. Did it turn out and is it available? Who do I contact for CD’s of the various services. I ordered Sunday because I wasn’t going to be there. I paid for it but I think I paid the wrong amount. I can square that away when I order Saturday if you will tell me who to contact.
    I will definitely attend next year. And I will stay both nights and attend the Sunday service. This year, I just couldn’t.
    God Bless Glorious rising and everyone involved.
    Shalom, Patricia


    1. Hi Patricia, this is Pamela. I saw your note on the Glorious Rising website. The AKM team and I appreciate your feedback. This is very helpful and I’ll make sure it gets to Dan and Lynn Travertini; they are the team who oversaw the prophetic / prayer ministry appointments. I’m sure your comment will encourage them. It blesses me to learn that the Lord ministered so personally to you. This was our goal.

      CD information: write to
      All of the workshops are available, however Pastor David Bowles is incomplete. His recorder stopped working after approx. 25 minutes.

      I’ll try to answer your questions regarding The Gathering Place, Lakeview Ministries. Yes, Gary McCreith is affiliated. Some of the workshop teachers from GR are also leaders there. Service times are 10 a.m. with a coffee, fellowship time @ 9:30.

      CD’s can be ordered at the advancing mail address.

      Thank you for writing and God bless you.

      We look forward to seeing you next year and possibly in Lakeview~



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