Bio: Hi I'm Pamela Koefoed and I have a dream that I'm passionately pursuing... What's my dream? I want to help as many people as I can connect deeply with God, and obtain what they need to succeed with the dream that He placed within their hearts. My life's ambition is to provide real solutions and meaningful content to equip and inspire you to be the most amazing version of you possible. I'm doing this through my weekly video broadcasts, articles, blog posts, published books, speaking engagements, and personal ministry. For as long as I can remember, I've had a relationship with the Lord that has helped me get through some really tough stuff. It's from this connection to Him that I've gained insight, tools for success, and the ability to bounce back, to keep going when it would be easier to quit, and to persistently pursue helping others. He inspires my creativity, my writing, and the messages that I freely give. I'm deeply spiritual, but far from "religious." I love the One who rescued me from three house fires and a broken childhood. And I sincerely care about you, about what's happening in your life, about your dreams. I study the Scriptures, research, seek the practical application for spiritual truths, and I'm a person of prayer. Much has been entrusted to me, but what I've gained is not only for me. It's also for you. I'm here to serve and to help. I hope that you will allow me the honor of doing so.

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